We’re your virtual photo editing and design studio

Looking for premium Photoshop services to enhance your images? Our team of skilled professionals can elevate the visual appeal of your pictures. We provide meticulous image retouching, precise clipping path services, accurate color correction, and more to make your images truly impressive.

We’re your virtual photo editing and design studio

Looking for premium Photoshop services to enhance your images? Our team of skilled professionals can elevate the visual appeal of your pictures. We provide meticulous image retouching, precise clipping path services, accurate color correction, and more to make your images truly impressive.

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Clipping Photo Editing Services

A basic clipping path service is required for images with straight edges and little curves. Simple or basic picture cutting works best on products like boxes, bracelets, bottles, and balls. Numerous products may be present in an image, or multiple layers with pathways may be required in a single frame, and the products may have complicated edges and curves. This category is called a multi-clipping path because some of these photos require many pathways to cover.

Because this is the most difficult category, photos in this category feature extremely complicated edges and curves.

In this picture cut-out solution, professionals design routes in numerous layers for a single product, and to capture every single feature of a very complicated product, experts must devote more time to the procedure.


Remove Background image

Using a background removal service to remove the backdrop from a photo is a good idea. Photoshop may be used to do this in a variety of ways. Most photographers want this service in order to obtain the ideal backdrop for their product photography. The most common method for removing the backdrop from a photograph is to use Photoshop’s selection tool. These techniques are commonly used for clipping path, masking, and color range selection. To remove the photo backdrop, some individuals utilize a rapid selection or magic tool. Clipping path, masking, and color range selection, on the other hand, do not provide a faultless finish. Product photographers are increasingly using the technique of removing or knocking away the backdrop from an image. There is no room for error, especially when it comes to magazine or catalogue shoots. As a result, the backdrop is just as significant as the focal point.
At…… Graphics, we’ve helped a number of customers with picture backdrop removal and made them satisfied with the quality of our work.


Clipping Path Service

A clipping path service is a fundamental graphic design method used to precisely outline objects in images. This technique involves creating a path around the subject, separating it from the background. This precise isolation is crucial for a variety of design applications, such as photo editing, image manipulation, and graphic design projects. With expert skills and attention to detail, professionals ensure clean, accurate paths, allowing designers to seamlessly integrate objects into new backgrounds or apply different effects. Clipping path services play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall quality and aesthetics of images, contributing to visually striking and impactful design compositions.

Image masking Service

Image masking is a sophisticated graphic design technique used to isolate objects with intricate or fine details from their backgrounds. This method involves creating a precise mask around the desired object, allowing for selective adjustments and editing. Unlike basic clipping paths, image masking is ideal for subjects with complex outlines, such as hair, fur, or translucent elements. Professionals use tools like brushes and gradients to achieve seamless transitions between foreground and background. This meticulous process ensures that the masked object integrates seamlessly into new compositions, offering designers unparalleled flexibility in creating visually stunning and realistic graphics. Image masking is invaluable for projects requiring precision and finesse in manipulating complex visuals. 

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin services play a pivotal role in the fashion industry, offering a solution for showcasing apparel without the distraction of visible models. This technique involves digitally removing the mannequin or model from clothing images, leaving only the garment with a hollow or “ghost” effect. This process allows for a clean, professional presentation of clothing items, highlighting their shape, fit, and details. Ideal for e-commerce, catalogs, and promotional materials, ghost mannequin services provide a standardized and visually appealing way to display clothing, enhancing the overall presentation and helping customers focus on the product itself. This technique is essential for brands seeking a polished and consistent look in their visual content.

Shadow Optimization Service

Shadow optimization services are crucial for enhancing the visual impact of images by refining and perfecting the shadows within them. Skilled professionals employ advanced techniques to adjust shadow depth, direction, and intensity, creating a natural and polished appearance. Whether for product photography or marketing materials, precise shadow optimization adds depth, dimension, and realism to images. This service is particularly valuable in e-commerce, where high-quality visuals significantly influence purchasing decisions. By skillfully manipulating shadows, professionals ensure that the subject seamlessly integrates with its environment, resulting in visually striking and aesthetically pleasing images that captivate audiences and elevate the overall quality of visual content.

Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry retouching service enhances the allure of precious accessories by refining details, colors, and removing imperfections. Skilled professionals use advanced techniques to showcase jewelry in its best light, ensuring that every facet sparkles. This service is essential for creating captivating visuals that highlight the beauty and craftsmanship of exquisite jewelry pieces.

Portrait Retouching Service

Portrait retouching service enhances your photos by refining facial features, smoothing skin, and perfecting overall appeal. Skilled professionals use advanced techniques for a natural and flattering look, emphasizing the subject’s unique qualities. Ideal for achieving polished and visually appealing portraits that leave a lasting impression.

High End Retouch Service

High-end retouch service elevates images to the pinnacle of perfection. Skilled professionals employ advanced techniques, refining details, color correction, and enhancing overall quality. Ideal for luxury brands, fashion, and high-profile projects, this service ensures impeccable visuals, showcasing excellence and sophistication in every aspect of the image.

Photo Restoration Service

Portrait retouching service elevates your photos by refining facial features, smoothing skin, and enhancing overall appeal. Professional touch-ups ensure a natural and flattering look, emphasizing the subject’s unique qualities. This service is ideal for achieving polished and visually appealing portraits that leave a lasting impression.

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is a transformative process in the realm of digital imaging, where skilled professionals enhance and perfect photographs to achieve a desired aesthetic or correct imperfections. This meticulous art involves adjustments to color balance, exposure, and sharpness, along with the removal of blemishes, wrinkles, and other flaws. Photo retouching is widely utilized in portrait photography, fashion, and commercial advertising to present subjects in the best light possible. Professionals use advanced software tools to refine skin texture, improve lighting, and bring out the subtle nuances in an image. Whether for personal portraits or product catalogs, photo retouching ensures that every detail is polished, resulting in visually stunning and compelling visuals. It not only corrects discrepancies but also allows for creative enhancements, making it an indispensable tool for achieving perfection in the world of visual storytelling.

Photography Post Production

Photography post-production is the final creative phase, refining images to achieve optimal visual impact. Professionals use advanced editing techniques to enhance colors, correct exposure, and perfect details. This essential process ensures that photographs meet the highest standards, delivering compelling visuals for diverse purposes, from marketing materials to personal portfolios.

Ecommerce Photo Editing Service

E-commerce photo editing service enhances product images for online stores, ensuring a professional and enticing presentation. Skilled professionals employ techniques like background removal, color correction, and retouching to showcase products attractively. This service is crucial for creating visually appealing product listings that captivate potential buyers and drive sales in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Wedding Photo Retouching Service

Wedding photo retouching service adds a touch of perfection to your cherished moments. Skilled professionals enhance images by refining colors, smoothing skin, and ensuring every detail shines. This service is essential for preserving the beauty of wedding memories, creating stunning visuals that capture the romance and joy of the special day.

Fashion Photo Editing Service

Fashion photo editing service enhances the allure of fashion imagery with precision and style. Skilled professionals refine colors, adjust lighting, and perfect details, ensuring a captivating presentation. From runway shots to editorial spreads, this service is essential for creating visually stunning and impactful fashion visuals that resonate with style-conscious audiences.

Car Background Remove Service

Car background remove service expertly isolates vehicles, removing distracting backgrounds for a sleek presentation. Skilled professionals use precise techniques to enhance focus on the car’s design, ensuring a clean and professional look. Ideal for automotive marketing, this service elevates the visual appeal of car images, capturing attention and driving engagement.

Real Estate Image Editing Service

Real estate image editing service optimizes property visuals for maximum appeal. Skilled professionals enhance images through color correction, HDR blending, and perspective correction, ensuring a polished presentation. This service is essential for real estate marketing, elevating property listings and attracting potential buyers with striking and visually appealing images.

Stock Photo Retouching Service

Stock photo retouching service enhances the quality and marketability of stock images. Skilled professionals refine colors, correct exposure, and ensure optimal visual appeal, making stock photos more versatile and attractive for a wide range of uses. This service is crucial for maintaining high standards and capturing the attention of diverse audiences.

Vector Illustration & Drawing

Vector illustration and drawing involve creating digital artworks using mathematical equations to define shapes and lines. Unlike raster images, vectors are scalable without loss of quality, making them ideal for logos, icons, and illustrations. Skilled artists use vector tools to craft precise and versatile designs. The process allows for easy editing, manipulation, and adaptation of images to various sizes and formats. Whether for graphic design, web elements, or print materials, vector illustrations offer a crisp and clean aesthetic. This technique is integral to creating professional and impactful visuals that maintain clarity and sharpness across different platforms and mediums.

Vector Logo Design Service

Our vector logo design service offers bespoke and scalable logo solutions. Talented designers craft unique logos using vector tools, ensuring clarity and adaptability across platforms. With a focus on precision and versatility, we create logos that make a lasting impression, embodying your brand identity with clarity and professionalism.

Raster to Vector Conversion Service

Our raster to vector conversion service transforms pixelated images into crisp, scalable vectors. Skilled professionals use precise techniques to recreate graphics, logos, and illustrations, ensuring a clean and high-quality outcome. This service is essential for preserving image quality and enabling versatile usage, from print materials to digital platforms.

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Perfect, every time! Thanks a lot. I have recommended you to all my clients and colleges for many, many, years, all the way back to when you were called Clipping Path. I was then working in a commercial agency and our largest client was a big shopping mall. We sent all our clipping paths to you. About 300 pictures every other month. Time- and money saving for us – and we could spend more time on creating great design! 🙂

Very well done hair image masking!
That’s one of my favorite tasks to send them over, besides the creation of multi-clipping paths.
Both are tasks that won’t fail for sure.

Always does a great job outlining/clipping images. They follows directions very well. we are satisfied with the outcome. thanks!

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